Monday, January 30, 2012

Lora Richards: Dee Days Mysteries for Tweens

A Shining welcome to Lora Richards, author of the Tween Mystery Series, Dee Days Mysteries.

Lora lives in Southern Ontario with her two teen daughters and a Diva Dog named Chachi. She loves to spin a good mystery and hopes you enjoy her Series as much as she enjoys writing it.

Lora is offering a couple of bonuses today. Read on for the details!

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Thank you Pat for having me here today on your lovely blog.

My pleasure, Lora. Thanks for visiting. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from?
I am a proud Canadian living in Southern Ontario.
How would you generally categorize the books/stories you write?
I’ve been told no matter the genre, I am an emotional writer and like to evoke some type of feelings from my readers—a good laugh, a few tears, or a shiver up your spine.
Do you set your books/stories in your home town, or do you prefer more exotic locations?
With Dee Days Mysteries I use my hometown as reference. I like to be able to actually see where my story is going. So, quite often a scene in the book will be staged from a memory in my childhood.
Is there a message in your story you want readers to grasp?
Deedee is taller than all her friends, as am I. She has a hard time with kids making fun of her. There are more reasons she was picked on, but you’ll have to read the book to find out *wink*. I hope my readers will realize that clothes and differences in appearance are simply the packaging. It is inside where the treasure lies.
A good message indeed. Do you celebrate when you finish a story, and if so, how?
I allow myself the time to actually read a book from start to finish before moving on. It is great incentive for me since I was an avid reader for many years before putting pen to paper.
Do you listen to music when you write?
It depends on what I’m writing. With Dee Days I did listen to artists like Selina Gomez & Taylor Swift. It helps to put me in a younger frame of mind.
That's not a bad thing! What do you like least about writing?
Marketing. I love to interact with my readers, but having to put so much time away from my writing to market my book is not my idea of fun.
What’s next for you? Can we look forward to a new story in the near future?
I am working on Book Three of Dee Days Mysteries.
Exciting news. Who supports your writing activities most?
I’m a single mom with two of my four kids at home with me. We’re an all girl household right now and love it that way. My girls are my biggest cheerleaders!
They sound like a great support team. How can readers reach you, Lora?
Like I’ve already mentioned, I love to hear from my readers. On my website is a page titled, Where’s Lora? There you will find a comment box to contact me. I also have a weekly meme on my blog, The Weekender, where I will answer one question each week from my readers. I’d love to hear from you!

Tell us about Dee Days, Book One in your mystery series.

Twelve-year-old Deedee is much taller than her peers. This alone sets her apart, never mind the fact she is unable to participate in the latest fashion trends due to the rules set by her overly strict father. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a mysterious old lady named Isabelle in an abandoned skating arena, who enlists Deedee’s help to find her missing daughter Shawna. A series of incidents on her search have Deedee wondering if there really is such a thing as ghosts.

***Bonus*** Book Two – Dee Nights

Summer camp is so much more fun than Deedee imagined. She finally feels as if she fits in with her new group of friends, except she doesn’t know what to think of her reunion with a boy from the old neighbourhood. Odd encounters and a case of a missing purple bikini stir up all too familiar feels of not being alone.

Could it be? Was it really happening again?

Read an excerpt from both books on my blog.
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  1. Are these books only available in e-book format?

    1. Hi, yes they are only available in ebook for now. I have sent off a request as to when they will go to print. I'll drop in if I get a reply soon. Thanks for the interest!

      Lora Richards

  2. Hi Patricia. I believe they are, at least at this time. We'll wait for Lora to confirm. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hey Lora! Hey Pat! Yes, mostly I think we have to write what we know. Which includes where we know. Somehow it doesn't ring real true otherwise.

  4. Hi Pat and Lora,

    I can relate to you and Deedee for the opposite reason....I've always been on the short end of the height game LOL.

    Wishing you great success with what sounds like a fabulous series. Congratulations!

  5. Hi Gail. I think a good writer can fudge it with research, and how about those fantasy worlds the sci-fi authors come up with? But I agree, for the most part it's safer to write what and where we know.

  6. Hello Stacy. I guess I'm between you and Deedee. Average. Unremarkable. Humdrum. I like Lora's statement about the packaging: it's inside where the treasure lies. Thanks for visiting!

  7. Hi Lora,
    Both Books in your Dee Days Series sound terrific! Btw, what is the length of each book?

    I think that's great your character Deedee was inspired by some childhood memories. I'm glad you wrote about someone struggling because of height. One of our daughters was so much taller than her petite female classmates in a small Catholic class in jr. high. She had a hard time not fitting in because of her size and also because she had straight A's.

    Great interview!

    Pat, you have a lovely blog!

  8. Thank you, Diane. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  9. Mystery, ghost? Hey, this sounds like a winner. Love the music on your video. Got me up and dancin'.

  10. Hi Lora, I really enjoyed this post. Just the ice skates on the cover make me want to read it. I love to watch ice skating and read about it too. I agree with you that it's more important what is on the inside of a person than what she wears. My own book deals with this same issue. I know that fashion is very important in high school and I love your message. Going over to your blog to read the excerpts. It's on my TBR list now!

  11. Thanks to everyone for your kind words. I hope my book hits the right note with the Tweens out there.
    Each book is approx 25,000 words. I can hardly wait to hear when it will be in print.
    I'll check back in a little later.
    Thanks again, Pat :)

  12. Great post - I love the sound of that series, Lora - can't wait to read them!