Tuesday, March 20, 2012

J.Q. Rose: Sunshine Boulevard

A Shining welcome to J.Q. Rose, author of the novella, Sunshine Boulevard, which she calls a "Mystery/Horror E-book with a Few Giggles Thrown In." For years, J.Q. and her husband have migrated to Florida from their northern home to escape the snow and enjoy the sunshine. Florida has clearly inspired her vivid imagination, resulting in this delightfully frightening story.

One of Sunshine Boulevard's main characters, Jim Hart, has graciously agreed to provide a blog post to tell us about the goings on in the senior community called Citrus Ridge.

Mysterious deaths upset
the Florida retirement community
interfering with their seasonal activities
and turning up more than dead bodies.

Meet Sunshine Boulevard Character, Jim Hart
I didn’t want to be pulled into the investigations of mysterious deaths in our senior community of Citrus Ridge. I’m the captain of the community’s First Responders made up of volunteers in our area. I’m called for emergencies to the homes of many of our friends and neighbors. Lately it seems that every call is not the typical fall, high blood pressure, or heart problem. No. Those would be good calls compared to what I have witnessed at the homes where I find my friends and neighbors dead when I arrive.

The death scenes haunt me. I have years behind me as a First Responder and never have I seen or smelled such a body. They are yellow bodies that turn to powder when you touch them. And the homes are filled with a sickening stench from the mummified bodies.

I’m Jim Hart, a retiree. My wife and I escape to Florida in the winters to enjoy golfing, relaxing on the beaches, eating dinner at the Golden Corral, and playing games with our friends in Citrus Ridge. However, this Florida winter season is not the ideal retirement days we have experienced in the past. Inexplicable deaths are occurring on Sunshine Boulevard, the main road that circles our entire community.

The investigations continue. There are theories of the cause of death, but no one knows who or what is killing the seniors on Sunshine Boulevard.

* * * * *

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  1. And we thought senior communities were dull!

    1. This one sounds far from dull, Cheryl!

  2. Nice trailer! :D

  3. Thanks, Pat. The post looks good and I'm glad Jim could tell his story.

    1. I enjoyed meeting him. Love those flamingoes!

  4. Love the sound of this book, and it's yet another one I've still to read! Very atmospheric trailer.