Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ella Kennen: Boyd, Who Cried Wolf / Giveaway!

Author Ella Kennen visits The Plain today to kickoff off Boyd, Who Cried Wolf, the first in her brand-new series of sci-fi picture ebooks for kids. The first book releases tomorrow, October 1st, and she'll be offering a giveaway of her choice to one lucky commenter. She has also brought along several, um, guests.

Welcome, Ella. Tell us a bit about yourself.
Thanks for having me, Pat. I thought it’d be helpful to have one of the characters from my new series come along, but you know how it goes. Can’t invite one without inviting them all. So, I apologize for the cramped conditions. Anyway, I first began writing—

Boyd (who cried wolf): Oh, come on. If Ella were interesting, don’t you think she’d be writing about herself?

Little Pwig 2: How rude!

Boyd: I’m just being honest.

Little Pwig 3: That’s not what I hear.

Boyd: Man. Tell a couple of lies and they never let you forget. But, seriously, enough about the author. Ask about us! You know, the stories…
Um, well, okay. Tell us a bit about the stories.
Ella: The Amazing Tales series for kids features five sci-fi remakes of classic fairy tales and fables. They’re short, but not entirely sweet. One will be coming out at the beginning of each month, starting October 1st, with a bundled package to be released at the end. And now I’ll turn it over to the crew to talk about their stories.

Boyd: Boyd Who Cried Wolf is the tale of a troubled boy cast away into the wilderness—

Little Pwig 1: Why do you get to go first?

Boyd: Because my book’s out first! As I was saying, I was stuck at my uncle’s ranch all summer, and I got a little bored, and I may have said a thing or two that I shouldn’t have, but that’s no excuse for what happened next.
What did happen next?
Ella and Boyd: Read the story!

Evalina: You two agreeing? How odd. Anyway, my story, Out of Thin Air is out on November 1st. It’s a remake of Rumplestiltskin that’s literally out of this world. And, it’s also about the dangers of lying. Like that one my dad told, about me being able to make oxygen out of thin air. I mean, really. Some people…

Hare: Me next! My story – I mean, mine and the slow guy’s– comes out on December 1st. It’s called The Tortoise and the Rocket. I’m not even mentioned in the title, but no matter. Tortoise’s prop plane will be no match me.

ClinkerAdam: My story will bring in the New Year. I was stuck with a mad scientist for a master, and his two lazy robot sons, when I heard about the Science Bowl. It was like a dream come true. All I needed was a little help from my Merry Bot Brother.

Little Pwig 3: Our tale comes out February 1st. Clearly, they saved the best for last.

Boyd: You mean they saved the best for first.

Little Pwig 3: That doesn’t make any sense. Anyway, my brothers and I decided to build houses, but the building code on our planet is a bit tedious, so this overzealous Inspector ended up chasing them around.

Little Pwig 1: But were we going to let him in? Not by the spots on our chinny-chin chins.
How did this series come to be?
ClinkerAdam: I don’t mean to brag, but it started with me. Ella decided it’d be fun to put together elements of fantasy and science fiction, sort of like how I put together scraps from the lab to build a science experiment. Her editor at CBAY Books liked it so much she asked for more, and the rest is history.
So…in your opinion, what components make up a great story?
Tortoise: I’d have to say, solid characters and a steady pace.

Hare: How little you know, my friend. Readers want charisma and excitement.

Tortoise: Sure, that’s important, too, but I think—

Hare: That’s it!

Tortoise: What’s it?

Hare: We should ask readers what they think.

Tortoise: Yes, but –

Hare: You’re right!

Tortoise: Right about what?

Hare: They need an incentive. We should run a contest.

Tortoise: A contest! Why does this keep happening to me?

Ella: How about a giveaway instead? Just leave a comment and contact information below.
Anything else you’d like to add?
Boyd: Yes, I would like to say that I really don’t know what the big deal about making a few prank calls is. I mean, just because—

Ella: No, I think we’re done. Thanks again for having me.
Anytime. Except, maybe not with so many guests.
Ella: Err, right…
* * * * *
Ella Kennen was two-thirds of the way through a doctorate in Public Administration when she decided that telling stories to kids seemed like a much better way to make a living... or, at least, to pass the time. Her first picture book, The Reluctant Caterpillar, was published by MeeGenius Apps earlier this year. Her joke book, Tummy Ticklers, and chapter book, Tyler in Trouble, are available through Amazon.
* * * * *
Boyd, Who Cried Wolf: Amazing Tales #1 / Available from


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  2. Tortoise: A contest! Why does this keep happening to me?

    Oh my, that was so funny! Sounds like a warm string of guests on this post. Great interview, Pat & Ella!

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  4. Ella's winner is Susanne Drazic. Congratulations, Susanne. Ella will be contacting you soon. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to meet Ella and her entertaining friends!