Thursday, September 6, 2012

Miriam Newman: The Eagle's Woman

Good friend and versatile author Miriam Newman returns to The Plain today with wonderful news: she has a new release! The Eagle’s Woman, a gorgeous historical romance set in the days of Viking raids, is the first installment in a new series. Since Miriam tells her stories so well, I’ll turn the details over to her. Welcome back, Miriam, and congratulations!

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My romance about the Vikings in Ireland, The Eagle’s Woman, released August 2. A five-star reader review is in on Amazon:
"From its tense opening, 'The Eagle's Woman' grips the reader and doesn't let go. This is the first part of a series and it promises to be an engaging, fascinating number of stories. The Viking hero, Ari, is sympathetic and the Irish heroine a worthy foil to him. The romance between the two develops swiftly and always realistically, while set against a brutal time. Viking society is shown, both good and bad, and the other characters are well drawn. I look forward to the second part."
Son of an impoverished, dying Norse chieftain, Ari raids for booty and slaves so he can feed his people. Pagan himself, still he spares priests though he sells them. He’s a heathen, a murderer, and it is a sin for any Christian woman to love him. Yet when he abducts Maeve from her peaceful Irish fishing village, he may have found the one woman who can.

"What?" Ari asked, reaching with his free hand to take her chin in it. His thumb caressed her bottom lip and she thought she was not out of danger with him, no matter how disheveled her appearance. This man wanted her, no doubt of it. Not enough to commit violence on her, apparently, but she thought gentleness held its own dangers. If she was not careful, it could weaken her will. He was not unattractive—with fair skin, strong angular features and striking eyes—though just then he looked like a drowned rat as all of them did. It did not obscure the strength of his body or the keen intelligence in those eyes. She turned her head to the side, dislodging his thumb.

"I have not seen tears from you before," he said thoughtfully, "though many of the others are crying. What has finally broken you?"

"I am not broken," she spat, "only mourning two good people who raised me. But I am sure you know nothing of such feelings."

He sat back on his heels. "Do I not? Two good people raised me as well. One lies crippled in his sickbed and the other waits for me to bring coin to buy things a sick man needs."

Maeve was silent, surprised and momentarily chastened. She had never seriously supposed he had motives other than greed.

"Do you think raiding is worthy of a fighting man?" he persisted. "I would rather face an army than hungry children."

She stifled an impulse toward sympathy. "Ours are dead or captive. You seem to have no trouble facing that."

Abruptly, he set both feet beneath himself and got up, undaunted by the motion of the ship which made such things impossible for Maeve. She had not noticed a wineskin hanging from the rigging, but she saw him reach for it then. "I cannot help your children." He took a fulsome swig. "Just mine." Wiping the neck with his wet tunic, he held the wineskin out to her.

It was decent wine, probably from their monastery, tasting of strength and summer. She needed strength to remember that summer would come again, so she drank.
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About Miriam Newman:
Fantasy poetry driven by myths and legends has been Miriam’s passion for as long as she can remember. She was published in poetry before catching the romance writing bug. She brings that background to her writing along with a lifelong addiction to horses, an 18-year career in various areas of psychiatric social services, and many trips to Ireland, where she nurtures her muse. Her published works range from contemporary fantasy romance to fantasy historical, futuristic, science fiction and historical romance. Currently she lives in rural Pennsylvania with a "motley crew" of rescue animals.
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  1. Pat, thanks for this post on your beautiful blog, always one of my favorite places to visit. I had fun writing this book and the sequel will be even more fun, since I'm going to Ireland to research it! Wahoo! Readers who enjoy this book can look forward to Book II, The Eagle's Lady.

  2. Miriam, your story sounds delightful. And nothing says Viking more than Sam Bond. ;-)

  3. I know Victoria, that is the truth! Looks like Sam has been working out, too.

  4. Hi, Miriam! Won't you need a consultant with an Irish name to take on your trip to Ireland? I know someone who's available any time!

    Seriously, I LOVED this new novel, so I want you to return asap and finish the sequel. As much as I 'm attracted to the Vikings, I'm drawn even more by characters like lovely, strong-willed Maeve, an Irish lass whose heart becomes bound to the man who refuses to enslave her. Hey! Wait a minute! Did I just crerate a tag line?

    All the very best to you, :-) Erin

  5. I'm apparently very good at :crerating: and not so good at creating. Eeek! Hate typos! Gives me another chance to say slán agat, a mo chara. xErin

  6. I'll take one of your tag lines any time, Erin. And it's OK with me if you come as a consultant. Just not sure how the airline will feel about it, since I'd have to fly you out the window to afford your fare. I don't think I can write you off yet. Oh, well. Sigh. We can dream, right?