Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Larriane Wills: The Bastards of Ran

Multi-genre author Larriane Wills visits The Plain today with a tease for her futuristic sci-fi space travel tale, The Bastards of Ran. I'll let her get right to it!

* * * * *
Why does space fascinate us?

How many of us have dreamed of going out there? How many even understand why? I don't but space and the possibility of traveling the stars has always fascinated me. I don't believe even in imagination I could conjure up the wonders out there. Would you ever imagine this?

or this...

...the colors?


or the shapes?

Science and fiction tweaks our imagination to even more, people, places, civilizations behind us and ahead of us. Roddenberry and Lucas and even Einstein either spoke of or showed us the possibilities Books, TV, the big screen, and comic books are the results. As humans we create human, and maybe not so human, stories involving more than the sights. Romances, friendships, and, as humans, wars abound in traveling through space and even time. As you can guess I’m a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Heinlein, oh yes, I could go on.  Is it any wonder my fascination resulted in books? Chuckle here. Of course not. Every writer I know, no matter what their favorite genre, has written or thought of writing something in science fiction. Oh, not the heavy technical stuff. The human—and sometimes not so human—stuff, romance, friendships, and wars. In The Bastards of Ran I embrace all of the possibities I mentioned. My characters, however, never saw the wonders of space as they traveled. How sad. Still, in science fiction nearly everything is possible and in a sequel they may yet. Let it be so!

Two names, one author, thousands of stories.

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  1. Hi Larraine, nice post. Yes, I like sci-fi and will probably attempt to write one someday. I'm a Trekkie from way back and watch a lot of sci-fi. Like you, I don't like books filled with tons and tons of technobabble, so give me the light stuff.

    1. then you know what i mean. thank you for dropping by

  2. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to visit Larriane and her unique universe. And thank you, Larriane, for sharing your wonderful imagination with us!