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Alexa Bourne: Silent Surrender

Romance author Alexa Bourne visits The Plain today with Silent Surrender, a new Scottish contemporary "short" that’s receiving stellar reviews. Alexa is not only sharing an excerpt today, she’s also going to tell us a little about her writing process. Welcome, Alexa. Take it away!

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Today is the first day of my 10th year of teaching. Last month I had my 5th ebook released. I believe I can honestly say teaching and writing are very similar. You’re probably saying, "Huh? How can teaching a bunch of middle school kids cause the same feelings as creating a new book?" I know! I was surprised too when I realized the connection, but keep reading and I’ll explain.

When a book's released I get nervous and giddy and giggly. I want to run around the town shouting out my accomplishment. When a new school year starts, I get nervous and giddy. I want to make the kids laugh and make them comfortable.

With both teaching and writing, I want to make a good impression. I want readers to feel good emotions as they read through my characters' conflicts and events. With the kids, I want them to know that I care about them and that everything I do is with their education in mind. I want both kids and readers to like my work. I want them to be invested in me and what I intend to bring them.

With writing, I have to do research to make sure my scenes are accurate. With lesson plans, I have to do research to make sure I’m giving students the best lessons and activities to help them learn those lessons.

As a writer, I get so excited when new plot ideas pop into my head. As a teacher, I am thrilled when a new, exciting lesson idea pops into my brain.

As a writer, I work to entertain my readers. As a teacher, my main goal is to keep as many students interested as I can, but on a personal note, I really love trying to entertain my students as well.

Readers sometimes post reviews of my books on various websites. In a way, it’s like I’m being assessed. At the end of the school year, I give my students a questionnaire for them to fill out about me so that they can tell me what I do well and what they think I can improve on.

Both writing and teaching are 24/7 jobs. Ways to make myself a better writer or teacher are always popping into my mind. And in both jobs, I constantly worry I’m not doing enough for my students/readers or that I could be doing something better.

So you see what I mean? Soooo many similarities between teaching and writing. Ooh! I better get going. The bell is about to ring and my next class is coming in for their first lesson with me.

Wish me luck!
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Good luck, Alexa! And now, let’s have a peek at Silent Surrender.

Book Blurb:
Meggie MacDougall often dreams of Quinn O’Connell, the sexy Irish football coach who swept her off her feet in Dublin. But what happened in Dublin must stay there. She has responsibilities at home, and she refuses to fuel the gossip fires in Glenhalish.

Quinn has never forgotten Meggie and the explosive weekend they shared. Overwhelmed by memories of her passion, beauty, and zest for life, he jeopardizes his cushy career to find her and test the connection between them.

When Quinn arrives in her Highland village, Meggie is determined to ignore him. However, she isn't prepared for the claim he lays on her heart with his sexy charm and his tender soul.

Will pride and fear keep Meggie from embracing possibilities, or will Quinn's gentle persistence break down her defenses and lead her to a silent surrender?

Quinn came toward her, the ball juggling between his feet. "Get him, Miss Meggie!" someone called from across the pitch.

Her heart rate, already soaring, tripped at the sight of her man. Her nerves tightened, her muscles clenched. She rocked on the heels of her feet. She’d steal the ball for her team.

He closed the distance between them. Meggie pushed against his rock-hard abs and tangled with his feet. He tugged on her ponytail, slid his foot between hers, and sent the ball to his teammates.

Meggie yelped, her arms flailing to her sides. Her feet remained tangled with Quinn’s, and she lost her balance.

Quinn’s arms circled her waist and twisted her so his body took the brunt of the impact with the dirt-packed earth. She rolled to the side, still cradled in the crook of his arm and with the pressure of his delicious body over every inch of hers. "Are you all right?" He propped himself up and brushed her hair away from her face.

"Aye. Thank you for taking the fall for us."

"You’re down here with me, aren’t you?"

"Aye, but you protected me. Thank you, my Irish knight."

"My pleasure, my lady."

Aye, she was his lady and she decided she rather liked it.

He leaned down and claimed her mouth.

"Is she hurt?" one of the lads yelled. The ground trembled beneath their feet.

"Aye, ye daft fool. He’s giving her mouth-to-mouth," yelled another.

Together they both giggled and ended the kiss. "You should probably let me up before they call for an ambulance."

"Right." He jumped to his feet. "No worry, boys. She’s fine." She missed the feel of him against her body. As she propped herself on her forearms, he reached down and pulled her to her feet.
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About Alexa Bourne:
Alexa Bourne is a teacher by day and a romance writer by nights, weekends, and all school holidays. She also teaches online classes for writers throughout the year. She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance and is thrilled to have the chance to share her love of Great Britain with readers everywhere.

When she's not concocting sinister plots and steamy love scenes or traveling and exploring new cultures, Alexa spends her time reading, watching brainless TV and thinking about exercising. She loves to interact with readers, so visit her web page, follow her on Twitter or drop her a note through the Contact page on her website.
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  1. As a writer and former teacher, I get it! Good luck with this latest. Love the cover.

  2. Good luck on ALL your contracts, Lexi (writing and teaching)! Keep up the excitement and giddiness.

  3. Thanks, ladies! It was a good day, but I'm exhausted!

  4. Good luck in both teaching and writing!

  5. My sister was a teacher. She loved meeting her new kids each year. Wasn't too crazy about all the stuff that took time away from teaching. (You probably liken those to writing synopsis)

  6. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to support Alexa and her Silent Surrender. Alexa, I'm so glad you made it through your first day back to teaching all right :-) Best of luck with the rest of the school year, and, of course, with your wonderful writing.

  7. Sounds like you have the perfect schedule to me, Alexa. Thanks for sharing an insight into how you juggle job and dream job! Beautiful cover. Best of luck with sales!