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Daithi Kavanagh: The Gun

Detective thriller lovers, take note: Tirgearr Publishing has just launched The Gun, Book One of Daithi Kavanagh’s exciting new Tadhg Sullivan Series. Daithi visits today to talk about his writing process, among other things, and share an excerpt from The Gun.

Welcome, Daithi. Tell us where you’re from.
I’m from Trinity, Taghmon, Co. Wexford, Ireland.
A lovely part of the world. What sparked your interest in writing?
In 2012 having gone back to Adult Education my English teacher felt I had a flare for writing and encouraged me to write and that planted the seed.
How would you generally categorize the books/stories you write?
My first book ‘The Gun’ is a crime fiction novel set in Ireland involving Detective Tadhg Sullivan. This is the first in the series – The Tadhg Sullivan Series.
How did you come up with the title?
From the outset the gun itself took on a huge role in the book. This is the reason I named the book ‘The Gun’.
Do you set your books/stories in your hometown, or do you prefer more exotic locations?
Yes my books are set in my hometown of Wexford and other towns and counties in Ireland and part of it is set in Dublin. But it includes characters from outside Ireland i.e. members of the CIA.
What inspired you to write The Gun?
I took up Adult Education in 2012 and the plight of people (including myself) after the collapse of the economy here in Ireland pushed me in the direction of writing my first novel.
Do you have a set writing routine?
I don’t have a strict writing routine as I am also studying a third level course in Irish Culture and Heritage but at the weekends I write in the mornings in bed and then my wife Caroline and I go through what I’ve written and she types it up for me.
She sounds wonderfully supportive. Give us a mini-tour of your writing space.
I do most of my writing in my bedroom propped up by a load of pillows! During the summer months I write outside in the shade.
Which authors do you feel have influenced your writing most?
Henning Menkel, Ian Rankin and Stieg Larsson are a big influence.
Name a few titles I’d find if I browsed through your personal home library.
Wallander by Henning Menkel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, The Black Box by Michael Connolly, Police by Jo Nesbo and Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin.
What’s next for you? Can we look forward to a new story soon?
I have just completed by second book in The Tadhg Sullivan series called ‘The Brotherhood’ so watch this space!
Who supports your writing activities most?
My wife Caroline who is my secretary, editor and has encouraged me all the way with my writing and of course my children Ella and Rory.
Name a few of your favorite non-writing activities.
I play music i.e. guitar and singing. Prior to the recession I made a living singing and playing music in the pubs of Wexford. I still play music and am joined regularly by my two children who play the fiddle and the flute.
A talented family indeed. Thank you for sharing your world with us today, Daithi. And now, let’s take a peek at The Gun.
* * * * *
Garda Detective Tadhg Sullivan leads a special unit that investigates politically
motivated crime. A man known only as The Deerstalker is a cancer who has infected
the Irish political system.

Sullivan teams up with journalist Helen Carty, and together they try tracking down
the mysterious killer. Carty adds to Sullivan’s problems, when he finds himself falling
in love with her. And further complicating things, he starts losing trust in his partner,
Detective Pat Carter, who appears to be on the side of the Garda Commissioner,
who Sullivan is rapidly falling out with.

Sullivan’s case is further thrown into confusion when a copycat killer, Tommy Walsh,
is shot dead by the CIA. When the CIA discovers that they've killed the wrong
person, the two agents involved--Simon, who has become disillusioned by his time
stationed in the Middle East, and Joey, a psychopath who confuses zealotry with
patriotism--are also in pursuit of The Deerstalker.

Sullivan finds himself in a race against time, if he is to arrest The Deerstalker before
the CIA take him out, and use his death as a pawn in a political game of chess.

Who will win out in the end?

"Tadhg, it’s, Burns," Detective Pat Carter whispered, as he handed the phone over to his boss. Sullivan took the phone throwing his eyes to heaven. Stuart Burns was the Garda Commissioner and made Sullivan’s life hell.

"Yes, how can I help you?"

"I’m not sure," Burns replied. "It’s probably nothing, but we have to check it out anyway."

"Check what out exactly?"

He waited patiently for an answer. He could hear breathing on the other end of the phone.

"The Minister for Justice has just been on to me. Someone has sent a message threatening to shoot a senior politician, unless the Government will reverse certain policy decisions. I haven’t got all the details yet. He’s meeting me tonight to go through it. He’s afraid of this getting out. The media would have a field day. So Tadhg, I want you to work on this yourself, just you and one other you can trust. If this gets out, the Government will be on me like a ton of bricks. I want total discretion. Not even a hint of this is to escape your department."
* * * * *
About the Author:
Daithi Kavanagh lives in Trinity, Taghmon, Co. Wexford, Ireland with his wife and two teenage children. Up until the recession he played music for a living. He plays guitar and sings. In 2012 he took up an Adult Education Course and completed his Leaving Certificate this year. He is now studying for a degree in Irish Culture and Heritage Studies.

* * * * *
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  1. Ireland needs a great detective. Tadhg Sullivan fits the bill!

    Great interview!

    1. Thanks Kem, I agree with you. An Irish Taggart maybe? Enjoyed doing the interview very much. Daithi